CaDA C61008W 4×4 power monster Truck (incl. Motoren)


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CaDA C61008W 4×4 power monster truck , word geleverd inclusief motoren en afstandsbediening, maar is ook met een smartphone te besturen.


1. High-performance lithium battery box, strong power motor, metal universal joint, carbon fiber shaft, shock absorber spring, herringbone tire;

2. Two function modes of racing/climbing switchable by gearbox, adjustable for different playing scene;

3. CaDA atmospheric pressure power system (L Motor Pro & Steering Servo Pro & LED Lights), respectively, remotely control forward/backward/left turn/right turn/light and other functions. The shock absorber system + high-horsepower motor makes the monster climbing car run more vigorously;

4. Based on the bigfoot off-road vehicle prototype design, the styling lines are smooth and rough and the proportions are coordinated, and the appearance of the real car is highly restored. At the same time, the design of quick-release integrated car shell and quick-release battery box is also a highlight of the product;

5. Exquisite high-end atmospheric packaging, good gifts for children;


JV1031 / 7.4V lithium battery * 1; (battery included)

JV8011 / 1.5V AA battery * 2; (battery not included)

Remote control distance: ≥25m

Maximum speed: 3.8KM/H

Turning workpiece: <1M

Linearity: forward 2M conversion 0.8M

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